Alpha Blue Tech and WordPress?

Like much of the rest of the world, we will often design websites upon the WordPress platform for individuals looking for a fast and easy to update website.  Quick to be delivered and published, websites built using WordPress can be edited by any user who is given access.  There are many available plugins that fit most non commercial or enterprise needs.  In fact, this very site is built on WordPress platform.  In order to deliver the content that is needed for Alpha Blue Technologies, LLC, it accomplishes all and more.

There are a few downsides to using a platform such as WordPress and that is the limitations provided by use of the plugins. Many of them do some of the things you want but rarely do they do them all.  If the plugins are purchased for the pro version, the support will end upon modification usually.  Also, updates are so regular that most normal people would have trouble keeping with them.  Every time you update you run the risk of plugins not functioning correctly if they have been modified.

Due to its huge community online, WordPress support is always easy to find.  There are also many WP Developers out there which is why it has become the most used content management platform on the planet.  I believe that more people have functioning websites than ever because of WP and it’s ability to deliver content so generically and easily. We recommend WordPress for bloggers, personal websites and small businesses, not so much for enterprise or medium sized industry.