Alpha Blue Technologies, LLC established in 2003 and has focused on custom software and websites since day one. Having been involved in or sole developing in projects utilizing almost every language the world wide web has ever offered, including HTML, PHP, Cold Fusion, .NET, Java & JavaScript just to name a few. More than 15 years later we are still as dedicated to adaptability as ever.


Building websites on a strong framework and platform is more important than ever. Due to years of world wide collaborative efforts and decades of innovation it is easier than ever to do.  With Content Management Systems, E-commerce platforms and DBA platforms the need to start from scratch is almost eliminated. We have much experience in the following platforms:
-Simple Machines
And many more which include invoicing systems, social media platforms, real estate and many other blog and e-commerce platforms.

We also offer and have built many custome Content Management Systems for businesses that needed more than an off the self solution.


Depending on what your needs are and resources available choosing the correct language is vital to system speeds and efficiency. Knowing a wide variety of desktop and web base languages is key to creating the “right fit”.
-HTML 3/4/5+
-And More…